COMPANY history and owners


AB Industrial & Plumbing Solutions LLC

Our company came together August 15th 2018. We took two companies and made one great one. We took Bufalini Plumbing Solutions with its 22 years of experience and Rhino Plumbing with its 20 years of experience and we merged to be able to do bigger work and bring better service to our customers.We have made a great team to provide the customer with the best plumbers and team they could ask for.

Bufalini Plumbing Solutions and Mark Bufalini

Having a great and successful service company in Beaver County Mark grew his business to be one of the best in the area with great service and reliable people. He knew how to make the customers happy "Fair prices and great service". Always using the tag line "We repair what your husband fixed" he was able to win the hearts and trust of a great customer base. 

Mark has always been a great plumber and loving family man with his two kids and wonderful wife. He has even held a second job as a beaver police officer. He puts other ahead of himself. He will always be able to help with any issue you have and welcomes your call here at AB Industrial & Plumbing Solutions LLC. 

Mark holds a master plumbing license in ACHD and WV state.

Rhino Plumbing Company LLC and Robert Arlof

Starting Rhino Plumbing and becoming a great commercial company Robert made it his life to make sure every job was done on time and always with the customer in mind. If it was a hotel or a small retail store he always helped on the job as if it was his own. Believing that if you give good service and great dependable work you will create something better then just another plumbing company. 

Relying on repeat business and referrals he has shown repeatedly that the system works. Never missing a dead line and always have no or super small punch lists, means tons of companies have come to rely on his leadership and skill set. He also is a 4th year teacher for the plumbing school AMPAC teaching what he knows to the up and coming plumbers. He has five children and a loving wife that helps to keep him dedicated to his work and make sure every jobs done right the first time. 

Robert holds a master plumbing license in ACHD and WV state and is a formar US Marine.

Our partnership

Developing AB was easy for these two as friends they found they had a lot in common as companies they were different in every way. Mark who was local and service then Rob who was commercial and following the work anywhere it took him. It was the most uncommon match that works. With the combine man power and recourses they both brought to the company AB Industrial & Plumbing Solutions LLC is the most prepared company to service any plumbing of your plumbing needs.

Meet Our crew

Mark Bufalini Company CFO and operations manager.


Mark with his 22 years of plumbing he has found him self as the company main line of contact. He runs the office and service end of the company as well as helping the day to day operations of anyone who needs a hand. He can answer any question you have with his multiple master license and knowledge.

Robert Arlof CEO and commercial operations manager


With 20 years in the field getting multiple master plumbing licenses and certificates he has also been a teacher at the plumbing school for 8 years now. He can get any thing plumbing done.  As a owner operator he supports the crew in all there day to day needs and puts the bids out for the commercial jobs.

Nick Cortese Job forman


Nick has run a service truck and complete huge commercial jobs as well. Being able to run a job or take a service call. He is your all around Forman and will always see the job get done on time.  

Dan Chomyak Service tech


Dan has many years in the field and holds a journeyman license completing the pluming school. He is the most dedicated and loyal plumbing tech a company could ask for. Always getting the job done.

Anthony Bakke Service tech


Great at solving issues in your  plumbing system. he is a son of a plumber doing it most his life as soon as he could hold a wrench. He can do just about anything that comes up. As a AMPAC plumbing school attendee he is on his way to being a great plumber.

Jake Minton Commercial tech


Jake is a great worker never complaining and always getting the job done. He has 2 and a half years of plumbing and is ever learning everything he can to be the best plumber he can be.

Our crew

Chuck Neely - All around Plumber


Chuck Neely is a 2nd generation plumber. With his 15 years of experience he can do the service end all the way to commercial. He is a good plumber and a value member or the team 

Johnjoe Fratangeli Shop Forman


JJ has been a vital part of the operations of AB  Industrial & Plumbing Solutions LLC. He helps with day to day operations and support for the crew. Well versed in the ability to use everyone the best way he can.

The office and shop


A building we have bought and own this is our home till we grow out of it. Please feel free to come visit us at our offices. 



With excavators and skid loaders as well as many kinds of tampers and hammer we can dig and put just about anything in the ground.